AI needs to be fueled by content.

Artificial intelligences are one of the most advanced technologies of the moment, but they have a serious deficiency: they do not supply original or quality contents. Our goal is to create content for AR, VR, AI and IoT effectively and quickly.
AI content

Our chatbots and our AIs deliver original content based on multimedia and transmedia storytelling. Telling a story through different types of content and profiling the user will achieve a result of high emotional impact.

IoT content

We develop emotional interfaces and original content for interconnected devices in the home, smart city and cultural heritage sectors. Ask us how.

Creative Idea

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Stats and more with an effective UI

We create experiences for the user. Even looking at a simple thermostat or viewing the data on the diet we are following needs to create emotional value. We have on our side the right experience and a team of experts in creating contents that are perfectly suited to interact with the house scale or with the living room lights.

  • Augmented reality

    Using the smartphone as an instrument of knowledge allows to increase the power of storytelling. Just frame an object, a place or a monument to get more information. But just a few lines of text? We have thought of a suite of tools for original and innovative content.

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is changing the way companies interact with their customers, members and employees. Online meetings with viewers, virtual journeys and alternative development environments are revolutionizing the industry. We offer content for this type of development.

  • Smart cities + IoT

    Milan, New York, London, Paris, Barcelona and many other cities are already ready for the revolution. Internet of things is no longer a taboo and we are going through a moment of great interest from companies and investors in projects involving fast networks and interconnected devices. Are you ready to offer content as well as platforms?

What’s the aim?

Objective of connected objects is, in general, that of simplifying our life by automating processes or providing us with information that we did not have before.

Enhance it

We are not trying to revolutionize the sector, we want to “simply” enhance it. Good content is the basis of an excellent User Experience and, for this reason, every device should maintain excellent usability.

A road to explore

We are starting to learn about the potential of AR and VR technologies and we still have no idea of devices that can still be connected at high speed. But we are ready to create something innovative, starting from an important assumption: storytelling.

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