eLearning could be the solution to everything you need.

Today, simply providing static content is not sufficient. It is necessary to establish proper and effective instructional design for training. To do so, it is crucial to create well-structured content that actively reaches the learners.

We offer innovative solutions for advanced corporate training, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. In this article, we will explore key topics that set us apart: microlearning, SCORM and LMS, vertical format for smartphones, interactivity and engagement, and gamification and edugames.


Microlearning is an effective instructional approach that breaks down content into short and digestible modules. At The Thinking Clouds, we develop courses structured in concise learning modules, allowing employees to acquire specific knowledge and skills in shorter timeframes. This method promotes long-term retention and practical application of the learned information.


The Thinking Clouds leverages SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) technology for eLearning course creation. SCORM is a standard that enables sharing and integration of educational content within Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our experts can develop SCORM-compliant content that can be easily integrated into major LMS platforms, ensuring streamlined management and a seamless learning experience for employees.

eLearning for Smart Assistants

The Thinking Clouds is at the forefront of developing interactive virtual tutors for eLearning courses. We have created a platform that enables students to interact with a virtual assistant, which responds to questions and provides detailed explanations on the subject of study. Students can click on interactive elements within the course to delve into specific topics of interest, obtaining personalized and tailored learning.

  • Interactivity and engagement

    To ensure active engagement of employees during the learning journey, The Thinking Clouds is committed to providing highly interactive and engaging courses. We employ a variety of tools such as videos, quizzes, collaborative activities, and simulations to stimulate student interest and promote active participation. This interactivity enhances understanding of concepts and increases employee engagement in the learning process.

  • Gamification and Edugames

    To make learning even more engaging, The Thinking Clouds integrates gamification elements and edugames into its eLearning courses. Gamification uses game mechanics and dynamics to foster employee motivation, reward achievement, and promote healthy competition. Edugames, on the other hand, offer simulations and interactive challenges that allow employees to apply acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios, enhancing practical learning and information retention.

  • High engagement

    The Thinking Clouds is the ideal choice for companies and individuals seeking advanced and effective corporate training through eLearning courses. Our approach based on microlearning, utilization of SCORM and LMS, vertical format for smartphones, interactivity and engagement, along with gamification and edugames, ensure an engaging, flexible, and high-quality learning experience. Join us and discover the potential of eLearning solutions for your corporate success.

Emotional interfaces

Our eLearning platform is designed with clickable interfaces that allow students to explore and access specific content intuitively. Clickable buttons, menus, and icons make navigating through the course simple and immediate. Students can easily select the topic they wish to delve into, accessing resources, videos, quizzes, and more with just one click. This ease of use improves learning efficiency and creates an engaging and seamless experience.

Looking for a mobile format?

Recognizing the importance of content consumption on mobile devices, The Thinking Clouds also offers courses in a vertical format optimized for smartphones. This approach allows students to access learning materials anytime, anywhere, ensuring flexible and personalized learning. The vertical format for smartphones provides a user-friendly learning experience, facilitating navigation and interaction with the course.

You are special

Start with this idea: you can make a difference. Seth Godin, in his famous book, talks about a “purple cow” amidst many similar cows. We want to make you purple, thanks to tailor-made eLearning content for your business and your employees.

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