A perfect instrument for your employees' training

Imagine having a resource that employees can access whenever they have a question
Conversational interfaces

We create emotional interfaces that interact with users via chat, voice messages or through the delivery of content such as images, menus, videos ...
The emotional design allows you to design an engaging, natural and personalized human-machine interaction.

Genius Loci

A virtual guide welcomes your new employees and carries out company training by providing multimedia content useful for the insertion and training of new tasks.
The Genius Loci will be designed and based on the characteristics of your company, in order to send messages and stimulate the response to the action.


We design our artificial intelligence with latest generation technologies, following the market trend best suited to your business. The use of the most well-known frameworks makes it possible to take giant steps on the management of information obtained with machine learning.

We create smart assistants able to welcome and guide new employees, saving time and obtaining better results

For any company, employee training is an important process which involves providing them with specific knowledge and skills to increase their productivity.
By identifying business objectives and analyzing the available skill sets, employee training can be achieved quickly, proactively and effectively ensuring maximum benefits for both the employee and the employer.

  • Migliorare l’attenzione

    È l’utente a fornire le informazioni ai nostri chatbot. Per questo utilizziamo un sistema modulare con specifiche call to action che permettono di aumentare l’attenzione dell’utente e fornire informazioni solo se richieste.

  • Less is more

    Preferiamo ridurre le opzioni all’essenziale e creare un’interfaccia utente flat. Invece di chiedere apertamente ciò che l’utente desidera, possiamo offrirgli in modo proattivo alcune scelte così che possa decidere ciò di cui ha bisogno.

  • Contenuti

    Costruiamo le nostre AI con una prerogativa: devono fornire contenuti. Per questo motivo offriamo interfacce semplici e modulate che consentono al contenuto di trovare un ecosistema perfetto per la fruizione e la condivisione.

Tech in pills

Do I need to click?

There is no doubt that mobile apps have changed our lives as we know them. However, times are changing rapidly and, having to keep our attention focused, a virtual assistant helps us manage our business better.

Smart Cities

Conversational interfaces will have a strong impact on cities as we know them. Connection technologies such as 5G, already operational in many cities in Italy and Europe, will allow advanced interaction, made even faster thanks to AI and IoT technologies.

People and relationships

Thanks to the opportunity to use virtual assistants, we will finally return to giving greater importance to cooperation and collaboration with people. Using AI technologies to complete tasks allows us to focus on distraction-free work goals.

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