Conversational Intelligence for Skill Enhancement

Optimize the onboarding and training process in your company with a customized virtual guide.
Conversational Interfaces

Specializing in the creation of emotional user interfaces, we offer innovative solutions that establish an interactive dialogue with users through chat, voice messages, and the delivery of multimedia content such as images, menus, and videos. Our approach to emotional design aims to make human-machine interaction more engaging, natural, and tailored to each user. Discover how we can transform the digital experience by designing interfaces that truly resonate and connect with users.

Virtual assistant

This advanced tool is designed to welcome new team members and provide effective corporate training through interactive multimedia content. Discover how a customized virtual assistant can transform the learning experience, perfectly adapting to the unique needs and characteristics of your organization. Our goal is to convey impactful messages that stimulate an active response to action, ensuring highly efficient onboarding and training on new tasks.


We continuously innovate in the development of our artificial intelligences, using cutting-edge technologies that perfectly align with the most relevant market trends for your business. Thanks to the use of some of the most established frameworks in the industry, we make significant progress in managing and processing information gathered through machine learning. Discover how we can transform data collection and information analysis in your company, taking efficiency and innovation to a higher level.

Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

In every company, investing in people's training is a key process aimed at enriching them with targeted knowledge and skills to increase their productivity. By accurately identifying business objectives and analyzing existing skills, it is possible to implement fast, proactive, and effective training paths. This approach ensures significant benefits for both the individuals involved and the organization, promoting a work environment where individual growth and business success go hand in hand.

  • Engagement

    Our chatbots operate on a user-driven model where users provide information. To achieve this, we utilize a modular system with specific call-to-action prompts that help boost user engagement and deliver information only when requested.

  • Less is more

    We prefer to streamline options to the essentials and create a minimal user interface. We employ cutting-edge methods for delivering brief and concise content, enabling individuals to acquire new skills efficiently.

  • Micro-learning

    We build our AI with a priority: they must deliver content. For this reason, we offer simple and modular interfaces that allow content to find a perfect ecosystem for consumption and sharing.

Pillole Tech

I need to click?

There’s no doubt that mobile apps have changed our lives as we know them. However, times are rapidly changing, and, in order to keep our attention focused, a virtual assistant helps us better manage our tasks.

Smart City

Conversational interfaces will have a strong impact on cities as we know them. Connectivity technologies like 5G, already operational in many cities in Italy and Europe, will enable advanced interaction, made even faster by AI and IoT technologies.

People and Relationships

Thanks to the opportunity to use virtual assistants, we will finally return to giving greater importance to cooperation and collaboration with people. The use of AI technologies for task completion allows us to focus on work objectives without distractions.

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