The Thinking Clouds is an innovative start-up from Benevento.

We create conversational experiences thanks to multimedia content delivered through artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

We are gamification experts and lovers of emotional conversational interfaces.

Each workflow is designed to ensure maximum productivity, customization and customer satisfaction.

Do you know Human A.I.?

Training HR

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We create smart assistants able to welcome and guide employees by providing videos, tutorials and company info. For any company, employee training is an important process that involves providing specific knowledge and skills to increase productivity.

Beni Culturali

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Glooci is an app to improve the enjoyment of cultural heritage and enhance the territory by putting the visitor in communication with those who have lived the story in person: the Genius Loci, protector and soul of a place according to the ancient Roman cult.

"``I believe there is no deep difference between what can be achieved by a biological brain and what can be achieved by a computer. It therefore follows that computers can, in theory, emulate human intelligence — and exceed it.``"

Stephen Hawking


Conversational experiences

We create effective conversational experiences thanks to original multimedia content. We take advantage of the best Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Machine Learning technologies.


We offer innovative solutions for advanced corporate training, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience.


We develop apps through digital storytelling, emotional interfaces and many other innovative tools. Our goal is to develop solutions that reach people.


We structure tailor-made game paths to increase the engagement of your users. Points, rankings and challenges are just some of the key elements of this paradigm.

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