GREENIA: Innovation in Sustainability Training for Businesses and Schools

In a world increasingly demanding attention to sustainability, The Thinking Clouds is proud to present GREENIA, our revolutionary AI-driven online learning platform. GREENIA is an active project, available for businesses and educational institutions wishing to invest in sustainability training.

What Does GREENIA Offer?

GREENIA stands out with its micro-courses – short, intensive learning experiences that allow users to learn in small, manageable steps. The platform offers multimedia content, augmented reality experiences, and an engaging digital tutor capable of answering questions, providing detailed explanations, and guiding users through the educational material.

Versatility and Accessibility

The platform consists of two key components: a platform for creating educational pathways and a web app for managing contracts and accessing courses. This dualistic approach makes GREENIA highly versatile and accessible from both desktops and tablets.

Why Choose GREENIA?

  1. Advanced Interactivity: Digital tutors offer a unique learning experience, actively engaging users.
  2. 24/7 Availability: Users can access educational content at any time.
  3. Constant Feedback: Digital assistants provide immediate responses, enhancing the learning experience.
  4. Customization: GREENIA offers customization options to meet the specific needs of each institution or company.

Use Cases

GREENIA is ideal for educational institutions looking to enrich their educational pathways and private companies aiming to train their employees in sustainability.


The Thinking Clouds’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is embodied in GREENIA. We invite businesses and schools to discover how GREENIA can transform their approach to sustainability training, joining us on this journey towards a greener and more informed future.