This is how artificial intelligence can help SME

Once and for all, let’s simplify: when we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are going to define a collection of technologies that allow the machines to listen, understand and act in such a way as to learn a technique or a knowledge that will allow them to perform autonomous actions or interactions with people.

In short, we talk about Artificial Intelligence every time a computer helps us in our work without the need to be questioned from time to time.

How can Ai help my company?

The fact that the term Artificial Intelligence is immersed in oceans of technicalities by “insiders” must not move away from the fundamental aspect of this technology: it is a tool with a high innovative character available to companies and their business.

Regardless of the structural character of the technology behind machine learning, we can easily go to the heart of the potential of what, without a shadow of a doubt, reveals the most interesting aspect of a revolution already underway.

According to some studies drawn from an Accenture report this technology will be the basis of all the relationships between man and machine and will allow to increase productivity by 40% at work, allowing a better and more efficient use of our time.

The automation of production processes within a company, however, has, at present, high costs, especially in the management of machinery that interfaces to a central core that manages all phases of the process. However, artificial intelligence is demonstrating in recent months to be able to ensure excellent returns on investment in specific sectors, especially related to customer care.

Entrust my customers to a robot, more time for me.

Let’s start with the simplest concept: an artificial intelligence can talk to customers for you. And it can do this by exploiting one of the most banal channels on the planet: Facebook. How is this operation possible? Through a particular type of artificial intelligence called chatbot, a conversational system that answers questions and participates in conversations with your users for you.

How many times have you had to answer that usual question on social media?

The managers of restaurants or pizzerias who have had to manage bookings every day know this well, giving less importance to the selection of raw materials from suppliers; I am aware of the hotels that have had to respond to users for the possibility of access by dogs and small animals, and so on.

The possibilities for small and medium-sized Italian companies to increase their performance through a chatbot are many. It is not said that only the tertiary sector can take advantage of it, chatbots can be an important tool also for small-scale fishing operators (for example as a pre-sales channel on the fish market) or for agricultural experts (many wineries use chatbots to provide information about their wines or to allow them to visit the same company).

How to maximize return on investment (ROI)

Since we are dealing with the design of experiences in the use of artificial intelligence, we have understood that there are no half measures: there is a product and a sale.

The international market has been experiencing, for a relatively short period, the use of chatbots for business, especially linked to small businesses.

In general, we firmly believe in three types of return on the small or medium company that chooses to innovate within the business with an AI solution:

  • Image return: let’s do it short. Innovation in the technological field is a sector that brings a lot of publicity, especially if you can combine a good dose of originality and effective service necessity. To get the most out of the return is not enough, however, leave everything to chance. It is in fact necessary to activate a communication strategy based on the actual experience of using the product, in this case the chatbot. In short, if you can achieve a useful service that people like because it is simple and beautiful to see, your company will have a significant increase in terms of image.
  • Better administration of time: we have already talked about it, but it is necessary to point out. In managing investments, never forget the T factor, which is the time we use to manage our work activities. The remodeling of the calendar of activities in favor of a more streamlined presence on social networks and therefore on customer care allows you and your employees to spend more time on other sectors that deserve more concentration.
  • High profits based on quality standards: if your company is perceived as a bearer of innovation in your field, your quality standard may also be affected. If you produce a product of excellent quality, be it a wine or a piece of furniture, the use of innovative systems such as artificial intelligence will allow your customers to have a better understanding of the market level and of your modus operandi.
    In closing, it is important to understand how the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence is not only intended for international elites or multinational companies operating in the information technology sector.

If you have a small or medium business and you intend to create a small revolution in your industry, contact us to discuss the best solution for your business.

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