Project Description

NotyCity, a smart city app developed by KES ( ), has the purpose of the management and the reporting of critical events on the territory of Verona, Viterbo and Avellino City. NotiCity has been designed in a dual role: one to make people active part of the city with the ability to report critical events, the other in support of those who must take action to resolve the critical issues.

We have analyzed the use of gamification techniques in smart city contexts, with a focus on the relationship between smart city and gamification and how apply gamification techniques in NotiCity. Gamification can influence citizens’ behaviour in relation to many Smart Cities concerns, such as participatory governance, tourism, culture, education, etc. The “human” part of the city is gaining a prominent position as a decisive factor in good city policies. Furthermore we made a graphic restyling of UI with the aim of making the user experience more immersive and captivating. The easy of use, the attractive graphic, but also any sounds to be added to highlight the sending of a report or reaching an higher level, are all key factors for success, as we learn from the world of videogames.

Project Details

  • Client: Kes
  • Tasks: Gamification, UI
  • Website: