We play games: are you a winner?

We are all players. We have the better solutions based on our experience of gamification design. We participated in the best keynote events in Europe like the Codemotion in Warsaw, presenting our projects.
Gaming process

The origins of the term “gamifcation” dates back to 2010. The term “gamifcation” indicates “the application of game-design elements and game principles in nongame contexts" in attempts to engage and motivate
people to achieve their goals.


We produce game paths and structure our applications on the basis of a series of challenges to be completed. We build communities that challenge each other by participating in a ranking with prizes to be won.

Game design

We create experience of gaming through interactivity, engagement, opportunities for refection, positively change behavior, authentic practice.

We work on any kind of project

Gamification does not mean just video games, but it is a great tool to enhance a user's experience and to take him to do some activities. We have worked on exciting running, sports, business, smart city projects and in each of them the users have actively participated in the use of the app.

  • Epic meaning and calling

    the desire of participation is the desire to be part of something much bigger than us, to contribute to the creation of a common good.

  • Use of gamification

    It is not unreasonable to believe that 
within a short amount of time,
    the idea of games and gamification will be common in all workplaces 
 and educational institutions.

  • Serious gaming

    We are building new kind of gamifications because games are easier to build than ever before, the average age of a person who plays video games is getting older, games are available on smartphones.

…in smart cities

we build gamification designs with dual role: one to make people active part of the
 city with the ability to report critical events, the other in support of those 
who must take action to resolve the critical issues .

…in virtual reality

the role of gamification in virtual reality is constantly evolving. It is not just about exploring the boundaries of the game, but about elevating the user experience to a level of maximum effectiveness.

…in real life

gamification is the best way to retain a user or a customer of your product or service. If you have a restaurant, a business or a tourist service, we design and develop gamification projects that allow you to keep your audience’s attention high.

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